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A New You Health & Wellness - The Woodlands

A New You Health & Wellness -The Woodlands, located in Texas, is a medical weight loss clinic that aims to improve patient health and wellbeing through sound nutrition and a healthy diet. Their weight loss programs incorporate healthy whole foods, tailored exercise, behavioral modification techniques, and proven diet plans like the HCG diet.

The medically designed and managed diets used at A New You Health & Wellness -The Woodlands can help you achieve safe, healthy, long-term weight loss. The team is led by an experienced and passionate board-certified endocrinologist who has experience with all aspects of weight management and the practice’s other specialty, hormone therapy. 

The highly knowledgeable and compassionate staff also provide a range of therapies to improve your appearance and self-confidence, including aesthetic treatments such as Botox®, facial fillers, chemical peels, treatments like the vampire facial that combines microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), body sculpting, and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy.

A New You Health & Wellness -The Woodlands strives to enhance every patient’s quality of life. To take advantage of their advanced therapies and exceptional expertise, call the office today, or schedule a consultation using the online booking form. .

Who We Are




    A New You is a medical weight loss clinic in The Woodlands, TX that aims at improving patient well-being through healthy diets. Our weight loss programs incorporate real whole foods, moderate exercise, and behavioural modification techniques. Our diets are designed to help you achieve safe, healthy, and long term weight loss. Led by an experienced and passionate diet doctor in Houston, A New You strives to enhance your quality of life. We are part of the solution.




    We are extremely passionate and committed to helping you lose weight gradually and safely to improve your health and quality of life. We apply principles and strategies based on the best available scientific evidence, provide one-on-one counseling and emphasize healthy changes in nutrition and physical activity. Most people need professional coaching to help them define what they want, determine how to get there, and keep them on track. It is important for you to stay focused and committed, we are here to help and provide unlimited support. Nothing tastes as good as being thin and healthy feels!




    • Change the way you eat to create greater mental and physical energy.
    • Exercise smarter not harder.
    • Understand the importance of sleep.
    • Better manage stress and break the cycle of emotional eating.
    • Discover the intimate connection between your physical body and your emotional and spiritual well-being.




    We are able to provide the most effective medical weight loss programs Houston has to offer thanks to our highly personalized care. At A New You we believe that a healthy weight loss diet is one which is specifically designed for the patient because the pathway to losing weight is unique to each person. Furthermore, our holistic approach to healthy weight loss emphasizes healthy changes not only in diet, but physical activity and behavior as well. Our focus on overall health invariably creates successful programs for safe weight loss.





    Our goal is to provide the highest level of medical care and we achieve this goal through our strong commitment to our patients. Before we design a healthy weight loss program for you, we conduct comprehensive initial testing to determine any underlying health issues that could be contributing to weight gain. We take the time to assess and understand your overall health, lifestyle, and medical background which allows us to design and personalize a weight loss program that works for you.





    Our team is dedicated and committed to delivering the best weight loss diet Houston can offer. With the occasional necessary application of bio-identical hormone injections or pharmaceutical treatments, we enhance your well being in the most natural way. You living a healthy life is our ultimate objective. We use our expertise to help you lose weight gradually and safely. The invariable result is, quality of life.

The Woodlands Weight Loss Clinic

The Woodlands Weight Loss Clinic Doctor Supervised HCG Diet Program for successful weight loss, enhanced with B-12 Lipotropic.

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